Help young Londoners get Back on Track after Covid-19

Help young Londoners get Back on Track after Covid-19

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COVID-19 is the challenge of a lifetime.

It affects the world around us in every possible way with poverty levels increasing, social exclusion deepening and inequality accelerating at pace. Children and young people from low income backgrounds in London have been among those most affected, especially those from ethnic minority communities. Young people are also recovering more slowly from the downturn, meaning their future hangs in the balance.

The Mayor’s Fund is here for all young Londoners who have seen their access to healthy food and activities when not in school decrease, their education severely disrupted and employment prospects significantly reduced. Our #BackonTrack campaign is designed to provide urgent support for 40,000 young Londoners, mostly from low income backgrounds. We are working with schools, employers, community organisations, and funders to make a difference to the lives of young people as well as influence London’s socio-economic ecosystem.

Can you help?

This is an extremely challenging time for everyone, and we are so grateful for any amount you can spare to help London’s most vulnerable children and young people.

Thank you,

Mayor's Fund for London